The Genesis Scrolls ↴

The Genesis Scrolls ↴

The first project from the Open Quill Foundation

An Initiative to Publish a Compendium of Short Stories that Bring the Genesis Era of the Lootverse to Life

Through a no-strings attached writing grants program and Open Quill’s on-chain publishing system, we are creating a community-crafted book that will be published on-chain, online and in stores.


Led by the Genesis Scrolls Steering Committee, our goal is to bring the Lootverse to life and provide story seeds that inspire creators for years to come.



By a decentralized community of writers and creators.


Public Domain

Story seeds that can serve as inspiration for future writers and builders.


Published On-Chain & as a Physical Book

Our goal: to publish the first decentralized, public domain short story compendium.


Next Steps & Todos

Writing Grant Rounds for the Genesis Scrolls

Writing grants were delivered across multiple “rounds,” where the eligible submissions received within the submission window for reach round were considered for a grant.


What is CC0?

“Copyright and other laws throughout the world automatically extend copyright protection to works of authorship and databases, whether the author or creator wants those rights or not. CC0 gives those who want to give up those rights a way to do so, to the fullest extent allowed by law. Once the creator or a subsequent owner of a work applies CC0 to a work, the work is no longer his or hers in any meaningful sense under copyright law. Anyone can then use the work in any way and for any purpose, including commercial purposes, subject to other laws and the rights others may have in the work or how the work is used. Think of CC0 as the "no rights reserved" option.”

Why are submissions required to be CC0?

The Open Quill Program is rewarding creators who contribute to building the ever-expanding Public Domain of the Lootverse. Public Domain content, including CC0 designated works, is the foundation and fuel for independent creators to trustlessly build a cohesive world. All are invited to adapt, expand and use these submissions in infinite creative ways. If you have questions please check out: Join the 👾 community here:

Is there a template for submissions?

Do you have any ideas or seeds for submissions?

A template can be found here: Genesis Scrolls Loot-talk Submission Template
Yes, we can provide story seeds & ideas 🙂
  1. Go here to read all about Loot and the Loot timeline.
  2. Go here to see specific story seeds.
  3. 🌱Story Seeds
  4. See below for ideas for types of stories:
  • A 1st person diary
  • A compendium of the Realms, their names and resources and brief histories
  • Journals and diaries from early Adventurers
  • A book of poems from the Genesis Era
  • Letters between adventurers
  • A full story with a 3rd person narrator
  • A compendium of character studies
  • A collection of snippets and scraps
  • A retelling of a story of one individual protagonist
  • An epic novel that spans a whole society
  • A text in an unknown language that we need to translate and decipher
  • or more....

What kind of “stories” are we talking about?

Short form to long form; fiction to non-fiction and everything in between

We imagine that this book will have 20-30 short stories and short form content that span character studies, diary entries, poems, fiction and nonfiction and anything that the community dreams up. There is no minimum or maximum word count but expect that competitive submissions would fall between 5000 and 10,000 words. However, above all, the steering committee looking for quality of story and execution of the prompt regardless of word count.

What is Loot or Lootverse?

Loot is a collaborative media project that aims to create a decentralized, infinitely-expansive sci-fantasy universe, rich with stories, games and multimedia.
  • Imagine Star Wars or Game of Thrones, but instead of being owned by Disney or HBO, the project is directly steered, developed and owned by a community of builders and creators and participants.
  • Launched in August 2021 by Dom Hoffman, Loot is an on-chain composable NFT project that provides the canonical seeds for a sci-fantasy universe: the Lootverse.
  • The Lootverse is comprised of a network of interconnected projects built on Loot’s canonical foundation.
  • Across the Lootverse, a decentralized community of tens of thousands of builders, developers, writers, designers, artists and active participants have come together to build games, multimedia content, art, interactive media projects, written stories, and more.
  • So far since August, there has been over 85,000 ETH (>$250M USD) in trading volume across Loot and the top five Lootverse projects alone.
  • Select Lootverse projects include Loot, Realms, Genesis Project, Crypts & Caverns, DivineDAO, The Crypt, HyperLoot, Loot Explorers, Banners, and many more.

What is a “Genesis Scroll?”

Genesis Scrolls are newly-discovered content that help bring the "Genesis Era" of Loot to life: stories, snippets, scraps, journals, books, poems and more — facts, fiction, myths, and legends. • This content sheds light on the ancient days of Loot and has been passed down through generations, safeguarded and stashed away. • We’re just now beginning to discover this content in an ancient library in the Divine City. • We are not sure what’s fact and what’s fiction, and the content spans short form to long form stories, from character stories to wide-ranging epics, from stories about families to stories about magic to stories about battles. • Through these compelling stories, we'll begin to discover the rich history of the Lootverse, and along the way, we'll find clues and information about the origin story of the Lootverse.

What does it mean to “publish a compendium of short stories?”

We intend to publish a real, physical book!

As a community, we intend to collect and publish a compendium of short stories that help bring the Lootverse to life, starting with the “Genesis Era” time period.

Is this going to be delivered as an NFT?

Maybe, but not necessarily

The plan is to collect and publish a set of short stories and make them CC0 (public domain). We may deliver them in a fun way that involves NFTs, or may leave that open-ended for the community. As CC0 content, all are invited to adapt, expand and use these stories in infinite creative ways.

“No-strings-attached writing grants — this seems too good to be true. Why are you doing this?”

We are a team who believes in the power of permissionless, collaborative creation.

We believe in the vision of the Lootverse as the first globally-scaled, decentralized, community-crafted sci-fantasy ecosystem that brings together the next generation of writers, creators and builders.

We believe that if we provide a foundation of rich, high fidelity stories of the “early days” of the Lootverse, we can plant seeds in hearts and minds that will grow into infinite directions that collectively will bring our dream of the Lootverse to life.

How can I get involved?

Join the Discord and introduce yourself!

How can I donate to this program?

→ Send ERC20s or ERC721s to GenesisScrolls.eth See the Open Quill Foundation’s treasury here

Who is managing this Genesis Scrolls Program?

What Loot Projects are involved?

→ A liquid team of Lootverse contributors:🗺️Genesis Scrolls Steering Committee
Spearheaded by the Genesis Project, with support from Realms and LootDAO and other Loot projects including Banners and Crypts & Caverns and Supercool, this is the first cross-Lootverse initiative to create high-fidelity content and multimedia stories!

Who is funding Open Quill?

Open Quill is supported by the generosity of lore-driven DAOs and individual donors. → See here for the list.

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