Next Steps & Todos

Phase 1: Gather first submissions (~40 stories) - 4/20 to 5/24

Launch program
First round of grant funding
Genesis Project (20ETH worth $60k and 50 GMs worth $25k at the time)
Zoink (10ETH worth $35k at the time)
Loot via Ecosystem grants ($11k)
DivineDAO - DAO voted for 20ETH but may not follow through on transaction, tbd
HyperLoot - 50 HLs
Crypts and caverns - 5 C&Cs
Wenl - Loot bag and Realm
LootDAO direct proposal for 30ETH worth $35k — need to do still
  • Holding off on this until we feel like we need it to get over the finish line
Gather submissions
Send out round one rewards
  • 5ETH split between writers ($6k / 31 writers = $200) — this was worth about $17k when we made this decision, before the crash :(
  • 2 Loot bags to two select writers
  • Decide who
    1. Ticklish (has 3 of the top 10)
    2. D_D from the Lorecrafters guild
  • Some NFTs to the curators council (1 HL, 1 Banner, 1 GM)
    • LootHero to make a list of them and their wallets
Communicate this in Discord and Twitter in order to get more submissions for Round 2 (Banners & Timshel)
1. This is happening, get excited! 2. Come submit more stories, round 2 is open 3. Come be on the curators council to help give feedback to writers/etc

Get feedback from Curators Council
Aggregate scoring
Deliver feedback to writers (Banners)
  • Encourage/invite writers to submit second drafts of their stories

Phase 2: Get more submissions and v2 drafts from phase 1 (now we’ll have ~70 stories) - 5/25 to 7/13

Collect stories (ideally 10-15 more)
Communicate rewards model: 5ETH + (more Loot bags?)
  • 5ETH
  • A package of NFTs
  • Use curators council to do reward allocations, not just an even split this time
  • Include all stories from round 1 too for consideration
Compile stories into a more reading-friendly format for the curators council + smaller community
Finalize Curators Council scoring (scores here)  
  • Can do it by submission — straight line average based on scores
  • But needs a cap per writer — 10% of rewards (so 0.5ETH)
Scores final by 8/5
Send rewards! — 8/10
On 8/10 — Communicate the current status of which stories will be in the book + give an opportunity to let people iterate on their stories that haven’t crossed the threshold yet
  • Communicate this alongside the phase 2 rewards announcement and status update
    • Parameters (size of book + also the rubric and goals)
    • “We’re going to use the curator’s council to help finalize this, etc”
    • Provide some kind of leaderboard/status, maybe just split as two groups (confirmed in // still needs work)
      • For any stories that are redrafted and added late, we will just have the Curator’s Council review them ad hoc
      Comment from the Curators Council
      Still TBD
      “Feels like it is not related to the Genesis Era, but a great story”
      Still TBD
      “Can this tie to the Lootverse more?”
Invite select writers into the private WAGWAB channel

Phase 3: Curate to finalists (30-40 stories) + edit together + any last minute submissions (10 stories) - 7/13 to 9/1

Package up a post for all the Loot Discords
Exciting update from across the Lootverse Genesis Scrolls = A project that ties us all together and helps everyone, together Status = 40 stories submitted! Round 3 is open! Some highlighted stories from round 1 and round 2 How to get involved 1. Reader 2. Curator 3. Writer
Post to:
Loot Explorers

Create a video version of one of these stories — have Fabians do it? Do it in LootMMO/Core?

Confirm rewards model
Collect stories
Get Dom to build out the “Bags” story
Curate into compendium
Write foreward/etc

Launch Compendium as NFT along with 1st edition hardcovers (10/1) — updated to the Eye as a broader Lootverse strategy

  • Publish the stories on-chain
  • Render them in a commemorative NFT that reads the on-chain stories: the “Genesis Scrolls”
    • Open Quill will drive this, and any mint fees will go towards writer rewards + future OQ projects + the same 10% to compensate Steering Committee
  • Print small run of super special 1st edition hardcover coffee table style copies of the book for the Lootverse core crew
    • Lots to do to make this happen :)
    • Find best online publisher
    • Do book layout / cover / etc
    • Build website and purchase flow
    • Etc

Launch Genesis Scrolls as a specialty book, in stores and online (12/1)

Lots of steps!


Admin stuff

Budget / funding
30 ETH from Genesis + Zoink
~$11k from Gitcoin round
Make a proposal directly to LootDAO (30eth)
We can propose up to 50ETH more from Genesis Project as a last resort
OQF incorporated as a legal entity
Tax/etc stuff related to giving grants out + mint fees from a GS NFT + revenue from book sales

Home Stretch to Publishing “Loot: Lore and Legends”


  • Final manuscript
    • Done!
  • Layout - 1 week of work
    • Messages out to formatter
  • Art - 2 week of work
    • Leave image pages for each story
    • Leave an image page for each section
    • Get community (or Raul/Fabian) to make the art
  • Cover - 1-2 weeks of work
    • Reedsy or another cover design
  • Website — 2 days of work
    • Just use a single page template on Shopify or something
  • Lulu / Blurb setup and admin — 1 day of work
    • Book setup/logistics
      • This assumes we are doing a normal hardcover book, not a fancy dragonskin custom coffee table book

  • Marketing — 2 days of work to find contractor
    • Beyond Discord/Twitter/etc, we could hire a marketing contractor who knows books and get some press + placements