Round One Details - CLOSED

Round 1️⃣ Details

🎉 The First Round of the Genesis Scrolls Program is here!! 🎉

For round one, we are encouraging and rewarding short story submissions that bring the Genesis Era of the Lootverse to life.

📅  Key Dates

  • Round One Opens: 4/20/2022
  • Submission Deadline: 5/24/2022
  • Rewards Distributed On or Before: 06/24/2022

✍️  Prompt

Bring the Genesis Era of the Lootverse to life through short stories.

If you are having writer’s block and need some inspiration — take a look at the FAQs

📃 Submission Template

All submissions are welcome!

Genesis Scrolls: Loot-Talk Submission Template
Once your submission is live on Loot-talk feel free to gather feedback and revise your submission up until the deadline.

👍 Eligibility

In order to be eligible to receive rewards for your submission you must:

  1. Review Loot canon and fundamental on Loot.foundation
  2. Complete and pass the Loot Quiz
  3. Include a blurb assigning your work as CC0 in the submission. An example is provided for you in the Submission Template

⚖️ Evaluation Criteria

For Round One, the Steering Committee will evaluate eligible submissions on the following criteria when allocating rewards:

How well does the submission...

Note: If stories bring other parts of the Lootverse timeline to life, these stories are still welcome! They will be either saved to be published in the second Lootverse compendium we publish, or could be published at the end of the Genesis Scrolls Compendium as teasers of the next story collection.

💰 Rewards

Direct Writing Grants will be awarded retroactively by the Steering Committee to submissions posted before the round one deadline.

Alongside the direct writing grants, the rewards for participation in this project include learning about the future of world-building + creative feedback from the community + unending glory in the Lootverse 😊 

ROUND 1 REWARD POOL: 5 ETH + various Lootverse NFTs

  • An opportunity for inclusion in the Genesis Scrolls short story Compendium
  • Learning!
  • Community!
  • Glory!
  • Plus ETH and other token rewards