Loot-talk Announcement

I am excited to announce that the Open Quill Program has launched — a no-strings attached grants program to launch writers on a Web3 adventure of decentralized storytelling and world building

The goal: to publish a compendium of short stories from the “Genesis Era” of the Lootverse.
WAGWAB! We are gonna write a book (together)

Glory, community, and no-strings-attached grants are available to those who bring the Lootverse to life with CC0 stories and lore.

If you have a great idea for a fantastical story, this is your opportunity. There are no resumes or credentials required. All are welcome to submit content and participate.

Open Quill Program: Round 1 — Genesis Scrolls

The first “round” of the Open Quill Program is focused on the “Genesis Era” of Loot — the origin stories, early characters, and any creative content from the early days of the Loot timeline. Check out the details below to join!

How does this work?

1. Join & Learn

  • Join the Open Quill Program in the Loot Discord
  • Check out the 🤓┃learn channel in Discord to get immersed and versed in canon and lore
  • Chat with us and other Looties in ①┃round-one-chat

2. Submit

  • Post your submission in the “Writing” category here in the Loot-talk forum 2 and tag it with open-quill

3. Rewards (for Round One)

  • An opportunity for inclusion in the Genesis Scrolls short story Compendium
  • Learning!
  • Community!
  • Glory!
  • 5 ETH + various Lootverse NFTs

🙋Who is driving this?

The steering committee is working autonomously and transparently and is comprised of active Loot community members.

💰Where is the budget coming from?

  • Treasuryhttps://zapper.fi/account/genesisscrolls.eth 2
  • Funded/supported by: Genesis Project DAO, DivineDAO, BibliothecaDAO, Banners, Crypts & Caverns
  • Additional patrons have donated publicly and privately. For anyone who wants to support this initiative, send anything you want to genesisscrolls.eth