Loot Discord Post

What is the Open Quill Program?

The Open Quill Program is an initiative to help bring the Lootverse to life with stories and lore. Funded by projects around the Lootverse, the Open Quill Program offers "no strings attached" creative grants to writers and content creators. All are welcome to submit content and participate. More details can be found on our website here: https://openquill.foundation/

Open Quill Program: Round 1 — Genesis Scrolls

The first "round" of the Open Quill Program is focused on the "Genesis Era" of Loot — the origin stories, early characters, and any creative content from the early days of the Loot timeline. Full Details for Round 1 can be found on the website here: https://openquill.foundation/the-genesis-scrolls/genesis-scrolls-round-one

How does this work?

1. Join & Learn

  • Head over to the 🤓┃learn channel and check out the resources to get you immersed and versed in canon and lore.
  • Join the conversation by posting questions or comments in ①┃round-one-chat

2. Submit

Please refer to the website for guidelines and a template for submission: https://openquill.foundation/the-genesis-scrolls/genesis-scrolls-round-one

3. Rewards (for Round One)

🙋 Who is driving this?

💰 Where is the budget coming from?

  • Treasury: https://zapper.fi/account/genesisscrolls.eth
  • Funded/supported by: Genesis Project DAO, DivineDAO, BibliothecaDAO, Banners, Crypts & Caverns
  • Additional patrons have donated publicly and privately. For anyone who wants to support this initiative, send anything you want to genesisscrolls.eth