The LootLark’s Bedtime Rhymes & Fireside Folklore

By Tylerharries


When you are old

As found in The LootLark’s Bedtime Rhymes & Fireside Folklore

When you are a babe,

Fast be the days

Long be the years

Learning the ways

Of Adventuring gear

You hope for greatness

wherever you go

When you leave home,

Tough be the days

Quick be the years

Adventuring forth

No rest, no fears

With dungeons and quests

Your valor will show

When you are a lord,

May you be the hawk

None be your pears

Your people, your land

May they be your gears

You strive for prosperity

you riches overflow

When you are old,

Long be the walk

Big be the ears

You’ll site and you’ll talk

Of your Adventuring years

As you gather with friends

In the summer or snow

Fine days there will be

In your peaceful gazebo.

Aye, the Grove of Hive and Hollow

Aye be the Grove of Hive and Hollow

No map can mark it there

Yet on the full moon

O’ the fifth fortnight

Adventurers can find it where

They seek their top treasure

And to the quest they must be true

For in this grove

Lay a hive and a hollow

To set their follow through.

Forewarned be thee, Adventurer

The grove’s blade cuts both ways

It’s trees will not be familiar

Yet those who dally remark

They flower yet

Bear not fruit

No leaves to identify, nor bark

Yet shade for days they will provide

And knots by the pair in dark

Will open when

Your back does turn

To reckon as you embark

To the nave of this loose thicket

Where lies a humble hollow in stone

Of an ancient stone

Be it hewn

To the Sages, this is know

In this hollow is what you seek

For the grove has made it so

It leads you there

And seeds in there

The fruit your heart hath sown

Now, The Master of Mead and Honey

Will note a beehive thinks as one

Drones to work

A queen to lay

Their job is never done

But the grove controls this hive

Bee and trees are of one mind

They always protect

They ever expand

To this, the grove has them aligned

Forewarned be thee, Adventurer

The grove’s blade cuts both ways

To the Adventurer who quests unwavering

But finds their seek in need

In the hollow of stone

Set alone

An oracle, the grove will seed

And set its hive to lead your way

As bees can find home from afar

Follow the hive

Then oracle’s guide

As the door to your quest be now ajar

If free you roam, knowing not your quest

Fear not, just make your leave

But loiter here

On divided heart

And the grove will tether your lead

To pull you forth to the seeded hollow

Where lies a fruit so fine in taste

Forget yourself

You will not heed

Nor stop, but eat it whole in haste

Forewarned be thee, Adventurer

The grove’s blade cuts both ways

You have marked yourself

The deed’s done

The hive sets out in a craze

As you reach the crossing from grove to not

The hive encircles – sets sting to skin

Your feet turn-out roots

Your arms become limb

And two knots hold your eyes within

Aye, be the Grove of Hive and Hollow