The first day’s tour to the Eternal Fest – by Smol the Nap

By Wenl


It is an enormous orchard covering the great plain between the cities /Ksne Slugi/ and /Shezhtub/ of Gislegob. Many ancient buildings are resting in the orchard. A grand palace has Adamantine as pillars and domes and Mithral as stairs. It is clearly by ancient construction technology and ancient preference."The Eternal Orchard, thanks to the little Prince”, Nap muttered. He was immersed in the smell of the ripened fruits for the first moment he landed. This was Nap’s dreamland since his childhood. And this is the first time he can sense this land in real, not from lores, tales or dreams.

GAs usually can have a chance to attend the many festivals held in Gislegob now and then. But it was never Nap’s turn to join such a trip. “Smol”, one high mage started to call him that, and he gradually became “Smol the Nap”. “I would be lucky to find another GA with lower ratings than myself.” He would always say this when he turns nervous. And yet it is a statistical truth. This might also explain why more training courses await him than any other GAs.

The first thing he will do is taste the ripened fruits, as many as he can. He used to eat the unripened before. Only the unripened can transport over long distances to reach his hand back in the mosque. The unripened remains green, tastes sour and makes people clear-headed. Most importantly, it can be the cure to the plague, so it is essential for sailors heading on a long trip.

The ripened tasted very different, mainly the sweet and lesser the sour. After the bite, the smell is even more pungent, mixed with the warm and soft atmosphere. Nap starts feeling dizzy. It was supposed to make people think clearly, even enlightened. And that is a blessing only within Gislegob as the proverb says, “the ripened won’t travel”.

“Does that taste good? Your mighty adventurer.” The voice brings Nap back and gives him a quiver. A mythical ring from the very loot bag! That is the first thing Nap noticed when he looked at the person asking. Another young adventurer who is almost as young as Nap himself. But there’s no chance that the young man has a lower rating than me, not even close, Nap thought.

Divine or demon, noble or lowborn, no one will carry a weapon into The Eternal Orchard. Since neither the divines, the demons or the mortals can afford to ruin the orchard, there is an agreement that there is no war or even dispute within Gislegob Land. The significant deal was made after an ancient war in the age of “Before Genesis”. The ancient war almost ruined the orchard. The ancestors decided to have a truce and protect the orchard together. It was since then that the orchard was blessed with peace. Gislegob Land was excluded from wars from then on.

“Are you a Demon? Did I witness a demon taking the fruits? I never saw people trembling when taking the fruit. And you are not talking. Maybe the demons are speaking a different language than I do.” The young man talks a lot, and Nap knows he is joking. But Nap got the point about the demon joke. In one of the many scrolls, he read that Demons eating such fruits could slow down a kind of decay in their body, but the effect would not last. There are tales about people who have seen demons taken enough such fruits had turned into a magnificent, beautiful form. Some believe that was the original form of all demons.

The colour of the ripened is so different from the unripened. Nap looked back to his hand, it was a deep purplish-red, and the colour was even deeper where he bit. “That is my first time having a ripened. And I am going to take much more.” Nap finally replied.