The Cognoscenti Hand Guide - First Edition

By: Loothero

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  1. The discovery of the loot bags shortly before the attack is not a coincidence; the attack was a facade.
  2. Our society worships those who wielded the loot items to save us, the Genesis Adventurers, but this is because they don’t understand the true nature and purpose of the loot items.
  3. The items in the loot bags are secretly infused with one of sixteen mana spirits. As the loot items gain experience, this spirit grows in power. The spirits are currently immature, so their influence on the items’ abilities and adventurers is inconsequential, but the spirits are rapidly growing in power.
  4. Adventurers that wield eight items of the same mana spirit will be more effective in combat but risk having their sovereignty overpowered by the will of the mana spirit.
  5. More time is needed to understand the specific nature and will of the 16 mana spirits, but for now, we strongly advise all adventurers to wield a mixture of items, with at most two items of the same spirit.
  6. Please refer to the Cognoscenti Mana Spirit Identification Guide for instructions on determining the mana spirit infused in each of your items.