A GA Origin Story

By: ReviloTC


Life known had been broken, left in ruin from the feuds between ancient lords. This young boy was consequently raised in the rubble of a grand ancient city. He came to dream of how one day it may be restored to its former glory.

At a young age he set out to define his role in the world, happening upon an old mage of the same city he called home. The old mage saw brilliance in the young boy and decided to bring him on the long and arduous journey to the residence and past place of practice of his former master. The journey itself would prove whether or not the child was indeed capable of becoming a Mage of Brilliance.

Many years later, the boy, now a man, had found illumination. It was his time to set out and discover his true purpose . He soon understood that he had an affinity for hard stone and cold iron. These materials whispered to him and imbued great visions of the magnificent structures they could become.

With great effort, and time, he learnt how to orchestrate these materials and manifest them into the spectacular visions they presented. Long from his memory, he dreamt of his childhood home. It called out to him, grasping his attention and inspiring intrigue.

Upon his return the city flooded his mind with its vision of magnificence. He set to work and over the following years restored the city beyond even his own imagination. People came from far and wide to witness the glory of the city that had long been forgotten. He became known as The Architect.