1. Supporting Web3 Communities to help bring their stories to life

Our first project:

  • “Genesis Scrolls” from the Lootverse
    • Funded by the Lootverse: DAOs and individuals

Next projects (conceptually):

  • “Book of Lore” from Crypto Coven
    • Funded by the Crypto Coven project + individuals
  • “Pill History” from PILLS Project
    • Funded by the PILLS project + individuals

2. Broad Sci-fantasy story competition (Open Quill Awards)

  • Submissions:
    • Any story from any of our prior projects
    • Or any story that anyone wants to submit...if it matches the theme of these awards
  • Value of being highlighted by the Open Quill Awards:
    • Monetary awards
    • Glory and community
    • Distribution and audience and unlocked opportunities